Welcome to InterBulk's QHSSE pages

InterBulk has distinguished itself as the market leader in Global transportation and supply chain solutions through the operation of Group standards and internationally recognised accreditation and certification.  We have operated an audited and certified “Quality Management System” since December 1989 and working closely with our customers and suppliers have committed to achieving the highest standards of service, quality and safety with our transport solutions.

We have a passion for safety in the supply chain and exercise the requirements of OHSAS 18001 at all our operating locations. By providing the necessary resources, information and training we ensure that all objectives established to achieve continuous improvements year on year are accomplished.

InterBulk has always placed a strong emphasis on reducing the environmental impact of transport services provided and the need to protect our fragile environment.  In 1997 we became one of the first intermodal operators to be certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001. 

As a global transport operator we recognise and employ standards and systems to ensure supply chain security and integrity.  We exercise the requirements of ISO 28000 and have been audited and approved under C-TPAT for trade to the USA. We also underwent our first Safety Quality Assessment (SQAS) in 2008 and have since encompassed the requirements throughout our Terminal Operations and offices nationally and internationally. 

The safe and hygienic transport of food and feed ingredients poses specific challenges, as the standards and expectations of authorities, customers and consumers raise constantly. InterBulk has successfully achieved ISO22000 and GMP+ certification again confirming that our services and transport solutions are up to the challenge and assure protection of humans, animals and the environment.